The first satsang of this month will be held on Friday the 13th, the granddaddy of all bad luck days.
When I was a kid, that meant no big decisions were made on this day, no flights were booked or taken, and god forbid you should end up in the hospital this day.
I remember my mom telling me there were four code blues (heart attacks) in the children’s ward when I was in hospital on one Friday the 13th.
Mom’s superstition was forged in her Irish heritage — everything had a fateful meaning.
It’s entertaining to follow, but the notions of good and bad luck, is of course, farcical.
However, our belief that there is such a thing has far-reaching implications in this life.
Here’s how it gains momentum: Read more…

Thoughts will continue until our last breath, or until our brain stops functioning.
Expectations to the contrary are common among seekers who believe our minds will switch off upon awakening.
Quite happily, that is not the case.
Thoughts continue to flit about, observing this or that, quite wonderfully enjoying the world as it is.
What changes upon awakening is the relating to thoughts.
And this is where many get tripped up in an unpleasant definition of thoughts.
I won’t say “always” because every awakening experience is different, but most of the time, there is a significant change in the relating to thoughts.
Often, thoughts are no longer chased as something that must be captured and understood, perhaps used as a building block for a story.
Most of the time, thoughts are seen just as they are, a passing idea.
Another big change that occurs most of the time is that there is no longer a belief in thoughts.
This can be a fairly big deal. Read more…


Explore deeply and truly the real genesis of the love that we feel.

If we settle for the idea that our love is simply sparked by the presence or characteristics of someone or something else, we are selling ourselves painfully short.

Love–real love–blooms so deep within us, it actually is the fabric of our being.

It is Consciousness manifested.

The richness of this is so monumentally more immense than the type of love we’ve become used to, but in many ways, very similar. Read more…


We are into a new year, and it seems fitting to set the table to experience ourselves newly, perhaps in a way more authentic than ever.

This seeming insurmountable task, is neither insurmountable nor a task.

Quite the opposite.

Anything we “try” will only serve as an impediment.

Here’s why.

We constrict around some of our most firmly held beliefs, and in doing so, miss the bigger picture of what we are. The harder we try, the smaller our view becomes.

Realization thrives in spaciousness, which is actually our natural state.

So if this roominess is our natural state, why is it not being felt by all of us this very moment? Read more…


I was once told when I was courting my first wife, that I should never let her go, as she made me a new, and better,  man.

It didn’t need to be said, I was already thinking that.

I clung to the relationship like a man clutching to a flotation device in open ocean after his cruise ship sunk.

If I let go, I (as I imagined myself) was a goner.

It was a complete myth, of course, and more importantly, a huge source of suffering in my life.

These deep clingings are crowns of thorns— deep sources of suffering that, for whatever reason, we refuse to release.

My wife was a complete sweetheart, and, for her part, had nothing to do with my suffering.

So, where did the deep lacerations of my emotional state come from? Read more…


The source of our suffering is as close as the door to our Liberation.

And, not surprisingly, the two are inextricably intertwined.

The genesis of our problem is when we give weight and meaning to arising thoughts.

Once those thoughts gain meaning, they often become part of a belief system, most dangerously morphing into a belief that those thoughts identify us in some way.

First, let’s understand, thoughts happen. Before, during and after Liberation, they continue.

Simply as a thought, they are as benign, meaningless and as impermanent as a rising vapour. Read more…


By the time you’ve finished reading this sentence, it will mean something completely different than when you started.

That sentence, like everything else in life except for Awareness, is absolutely destined for change.

It’s called impermanence, and it’s a rule of nature.

Everything passes, and all things originally reemerge.

And it is a complete blessing for those who want to end suffering in their lives – what is known in Eastern terms as Liberation. Read more…



What do you want?

I mean what are you really, really, looking for?

It’s an absolutely crucial question many don’t think to ask.

Is it unending happiness? A constant state of Bliss? A life completely absent of any troubles or woes?

What is it that you want?

Until we ask that question, it’s unlikely we will ever get it. Read more…


When people are asked what they are looking for in an awakening experience, the answer usually is a list including happiness, peace, bliss, love, etc.

Those are all lovely experiences indeed.

But despite what some would have you believe, all emotions and sensations will continue to occur.

And to wish away anger, fear, frustration, irritation, grief and the like is to wish away part of your life.

All of the above continue to occur in the play of life as they would have before. Read more…